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Benefits of Investment

Introducing Tiered Benefits

As of July 1, 2015, there will be eight different levels of investment in the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce. Each invstment tier offers measurable value through relationship-building opportunities, marketing, professional services (like access to human resource, tax and legal professionals), and more.

For new investors, it is an opportunity to enter at an investment level that meets your needs. As an existing investor, you will have the option to remain where you are or opt for a higher value investment tier.

The days of calculating dues by number of employees and business categories are over, and they should be. This old, outdated system penalized you for growth and the Chamber “product" was the same for every business regardless of your business size, needs and expectations. Today, from our food to our shopping, we all expect value, options and customization.  Your investment in the Chamber should be no exception.

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Investment Benefits Levels

Discover the 8 levels of investment by downloading the documents below.

Level 1 Investment |  DOWNLOAD PDF
Level 2 Investment |  DOWNLOAD PDF
Level 3 Investment |  DOWNLOAD PDF
Level 4 Investment |  DOWNLOAD PDF
Level 5 Investment |  DOWNLOAD PDF
Level 6 Investment |  DOWNLOAD PDF
Level 7 Investment |  DOWNLOAD PDF
Level 8 Investment |  DOWNLOAD PDF



Not Sure Which Investment Level is Right for You?


Suzanne Beam

Membership Development

Leah Robinson

Director of Member Experiences