Legislative Priorities

2016 Legislative Priorities

When times are good, business knows we must invest in our future and resist efforts to maintain the status quo.


Transportation and Infrastructure

An effective, transportation network is needed to accelerate growth. It is past time to increase the user fee for gasoline and prioritize maintenance so we can expand critical economic corridors.

The Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce supports:

  • Quick passage of a comprehensive transportation funding bill currently on the Senate calendar. Our state needs new, substantial, and recurring funding for infrastructure.
  • Giving municipalities the right to call for capital projects referendums

Education and Workforce

We must ensure we have a well-funded and efficient education system from early childhood to post-college. We can invest now or pay a heavy economic price down the road.

The Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce supports:

  • A crafted, targeted bond bill for higher education capital projects and workforce development
  • Additional funding for the state's neediest students and schools, but not at the expense of Upstate districts that have a severely limited ability to raise their own funding
  • Equitable state funding for higher education
  • Increasing the base student cost

Economic Growth

We support legislation that will help our existing businesses and nurture our entrepreneurs so they can become the next great American success stories.

The Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce supports:

  • Business license fees need to be streamlined and standardized across municipalities to ease the burden on small business
  • Legal reforms that improve our state's legal climate
  • Removing the DHEC board from the permit approval process
  • Increased funding for the Commerce Department's Office of Innovation
  • Strong solutions to strengthen our Unemployment Insurance safety net while lowering the burden on small business
  • Exploring private, market-based Medicaid reforms that will offer alternative coverage options and take advantage of available federal funds


As tourism becomes a bigger share of the Upstate economy, we will work with partners across the state to boost this booming industry.

The Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce will work with:

  • Tourism development agencies across the Upstate and the Lowcountry to maximize our state's commitment to boosting this increasingly powerful Upstate industry

Good Government

We will work with our Upstate Delegation to streamline government and restore faith in our elected leaders. We will champion vigorous but civil discourse to find solutions to our problems.

The Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce supports:

  • The strong Ethics Reform package passed by the House in 2015 and urge the Senate to approve it without further delay