Connect For Lunch

The End of Traditional "Networking?" Is That Possible?

As a businessperson, you know that the whole point of networking is getting face-to-face meetings with other businesspeople. A face-to-face meeting gives another businessperson time to get to know you and to know your business. It gives them time to build the kind of trust and confidence that gets you referrals and new customers.

ConnectForLunch will arrange such face-to-face lunch meetings for you – as often as each week. That's face-to-face meetings not with just one businessperson, but with two or three different Chamber members. That's two to three times as productive as just getting a meeting with one person at a time!

Over the course of a year, you can create and deepen up to 100 personal business relationships in face-to-face meetings – without having to make a single cold-call or hand out a business card.

Here's how the ConnectForLunch program works:
Let's say that you'd like have a meeting over lunch with two or three different Chamber members next week:

  1. The ConnectForLunch program will put you in a group with two or three Chamber members.
  2. Four days before lunch, the people in your group will receive your bio with both your business and your personal information. At that time, you'll get their bio's as well.
  3. ConnectForLunch will make the restaurant reservation for your group at a local Chamber restaurant. On the day of your lunch, all you have to do is show up.
  4. When lunch is over, everyone pays for his or her own lunch. No more buying someone lunch just to get a face-to-face meeting!
  5. You'll have everyone's name, address, phone number and bio in your own private ConnectForLunch account, available 24/7. No more sitting in your car after lunch writing on the backs of business cards!

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