Spartanburg BCycle adds electric bike to its growing fleet

Tuesday, October 8, 2019 10:30 am

Spartanburg’s residents and visitors have a new bicycling option thanks to Spartanburg BCycle. Partners for Active Living, through a sponsorship from WestRock, has added an electric assist bike, or better known as an e-bike, to its fleet of bicycles.

The new BCycle e-bike can be checked out from one of the five stationary kiosks like the traditional (red) BCycles. The rider hops on and pedals like a normal bike. While pedaling, if an extra boost is needed to get up a hill, the user presses a button that activates the battery pack to supplement the speed and strength required.

E-bikes encourage more people to try bicycling and support existing users in riding more often. For riders who are concerned about their fitness level or have mobility limitations, or are intimidated because of difficult inclines, the e-bike battery power can assist in overcoming these challenges. In addition, the users that already ride will find that the e-bike allows them to travel farther.

WestRock Packaging Solutions provided a generous donation to Partners for Active Living and made the purchase of the e-bike possible. “At WestRock, we believe in investing in our communities to ensure a better tomorrow for our co-workers, customers and neighbors,” said Steve Leahy, vice president of mill operations at WestRock. “We’re proud to help strengthen the Cowpens community through this donation by promoting healthy living through increased trail accessibility.”

The new BCycle e-bike will be stationed at one of the five BCycle kiosks. The kiosks are located at the MBF Rail Trail, Morgan Square, Wofford College, Converse College, and Harvest Park. Riders will recognize the e-bike because it will be white with a large red ‘electric’ sticker. The e-bike will be starting on the MBF Rail Trail on Tuesday.

“I am feeling positive about adding an e-bike to our system, adding a layer of confidence and comfort to users of varying ages and abilities,” said BCycle administrator Christy Barrett. “The pedal assist bike will add another option for people who have had limited choices in being active, and ease the commute of our already daily users. It is wonderful to have our program grow with three types of bikes to get riders out and active in Spartanburg.”

Currently Spartanburg BCycle has three types of bicycles available to the public. These include the traditional 39 (red) docked BCycles, the 11 new (white) dockless BCycles, and the new (white) e-bike that is docked.

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About Partners for Active Living: Partners for Active Living works in collaboration with Spartanburg city and county officials, local partners and national organizations to improve the health and vibrancy of its community.

About Spartanburg BCycle: Spartanburg BCycle was the Southeast’s first bicycle sharing system. It currently has 51 bicycles in its fleet that are available to the public for a limited cost to ride and enjoy.

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