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Give the Gift of SpartanBucks

Take the guess work out of gift shopping with SpartanBucks. Giving a SpartanBucks gift card allows the recipient to treat themselves at a variety of Spartanburg retailers. Your recipient will get a gift they love, and you'll feel good about keeping your dollars local and helping Spartanburg's small businesses to thrive. See all merchants here:


It's easy - buy a SpartanBucks electronic gift card online, and it will be delivered by email or text message. Want to deliver your gift card in person? Simply choose 'print for hand delivery.' You can track when the gift is received and redeemed, and the card's expiration policy makes sure your money isn't left unspent.


SPARTANBUCKS for employers

SpartanBucks are ideal for employee rewards, customer appreciation, holiday gifts and more. You'll help support local Spartanburg businesses while giving a flexible gift that the recipient is bound to love. 

Purchase your cards online by selecting your gift amount, then choosing 'bulk order.'  Then, send your gifts electronically, or print them to deliver by hand. Contact us for more information, or for assistance placing your order. 

SpartanBucks for Merchants

Spartanburg's employers have committed to purchase more than $80,000 in SpartanBucks gift cards to give to local employees as gifts and rewards. Get your share of the revenue by signing your business up to accept SpartanBucks. There is no special technology or administration required to participate, as long as you accept MasterCard and can key in a transaction. There is a modest annual fee to participate.

Level 2 Chamber members: $0 - We're covering your annual fee + administration costs! Let us know you'd like to participate.
Level 1 Chamber members: $100 - As a member, pay a lower annual fee to accept the card.
Non-members: $250 - Pay an annual fee to accept the card. 

Check out our Merchant FAQs, or talk to a team member to find out more. 


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